Selling Your Software Business

At Jonas Software, we believe that acquiring businesses is about more than just buying great companies. It’s about investing in people and products, and doing what it takes to help manage and grow great businesses. At Jonas, we never sell the companies we acquire, as it is our philosophy to ‘buy and hold’ them forever. We have acquired 80+ businesses over the last 15 years, which we continue to grow with our guidance and financial resources.


As an operating group of Constellation Software Inc. (CSI), one of North America’s largest and most respected software companies, Jonas Software focuses on adding value to each of our vertical markets by:

Finding, acquiring and growing great companies;

Attracting and retaining the best and the brightest people in the industries we serve;

Encouraging our talented people to innovate, grow and succeed;

Building industry leading software solutions.

How We Are Different

Whether your goal is to:

Continue to manage and grow your business

Pursue a wider role within Jonas

Fully exit to pursue other ventures or to retire

Jonas is the right home to take your software business to the next stage -- For you, your employees and your customers. Here’s why:


1) We Honor Each Business’ Unique Legacy

  • Our ‘Buy and Hold Forever’ strategy allows us to invest in our businesses for the long term and ensure employees and customers are taken care of for Life. Unlike the typical Private Equity or Venture Capital firm, we will never sell your business.
  • We run a decentralized business model, with multiple brands within verticals. Our companies function autonomously, with decision-making left to each company’s management team, who know their products, staff and markets best.
  • We have a focus on continuity, maintaining your unique brand, existing management team and reputation for excellence in your vertical. We strive to make the integration process as smooth as possible so that your business can run as usual with minimal interruption to everyday operations.

2) We Know Vertical Market Software

  • We live and breathe vertical market software, with more than 20 years of experience and a proven track record of success. We leverage the learnings from Jonas’ 80+ software businesses and CSI’s 400+ software businesses.
  • We know your market, with a strong presence in 20 major industry verticals.
  • We are global leaders in many of our verticals, with customers in 30+ countries worldwide.
  • We support and empower the entrepreneurial thinking necessary to win in an industry vertical, and look for owners who want to take on more responsibility within Jonas and grow with us.

3) We Know Acquisitions

  • As a frequent and specialist acquirer of vertical market software companies, we offer certainty and reliability, backed by a track record of over 80 acquisitions. We are confident that once we agree on the terms, we will complete the deal in an efficient and effective manner to minimize the impact on the seller’s business.
  • We employ a customized approach to acquisition structure, depending on the life cycle of the company, its owners and its market.
  • Having a dedicated M&A team with a streamlined approach to acquisitions allows us to manage the process efficiently and effectively, and gives us the ability to keep information you share with us strictly confidential at the head office level.
  • We are transparent, fair and have a high degree of integrity, and so does our acquisition process.
  • We have experience with succession planning and entrepreneurs planning a transition out of their business, if so desired.
  • We do not introduce debt into your business, allowing your business to grow unhindered from the burden of interest costs and covenants.

4) We Enable Each Business to Succeed

  • Our leadership team is intimately involved in the M&A process and own the success of the business post-closing.
  • We allow businesses to continue to run as usual, but now with financial backing, expertise and best practices from our experience acquiring and running over 300 software companies across the globe.
  • No more working in a silo. We provide the ability to work with like-minded software executives, who you can bounce ideas off of and leverage their experience tackling the key obstacles and challenges you face day-to-day.
  • We promote corporate-wide sharing of best practices and have a playbook to help managers achieve accelerated growth and scalability inside their business. We host functional summits, quarterly strategy meetings, and annual academies to exchange experiences and proven practices with peers across other Jonas and CSI companies.
  • We provide you with the ability to grow your business and your management scope through further M&A in your vertical.

Get in Touch

If you are:

  • An ENTREPRENEUR looking to join a global company and grow professionally within our organization
  • An ENTREPRENEUR looking to raise growth capital and would consider taking some money off the table, while still participating in the upside of your business
  • An ENTREPRENEUR looking to retire or transition out of your business, while giving it a great home
  • A CORPORATION looking to divest assets / divisions
  • A CORPORATION / FUND looking for an exit
  • A SOFTWARE BUSINESS BROKER representing their client in the sale of a software business
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